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DA update 9.4.0
28 - 07 - 2022
A long time ago, a group of scientists barricaded themselves inside the bunker to keep safe from the virus and undertake research. But, sadly, everything went wrong.
Now the bunker is abandoned, and nobody knows what awaits you inside.
If you are prepared enough and familiar with each place in the post-apocalypse world, it’s time to find out all the secrets of the bunker.
We completely reworked the system of getting inside the location. Now everything you need is a special card opening the door. And, of course, some good equipment, medications, and water.
The bunker’s area is divided into several parts with a computer in each of them. You won’t be able to move forward if you don’t kill all enemies in one zone. After clearing a sector, you will be able to activate the computer, unlock a new sector or leave the bunker. Keep in mind that you have to pass the bunker from the very beginning if you leave it, all enemies will resurrect.
A dungeon inside the bunker is a challenging area with 6 sectors for the most experienced players. Enemies and a boss dwell in all zones of the dungeon in the bunker. You’ll get a card from each sector if you defeat a boss. The cards are exchanged for rewards (fibers and kits) in the machine near the entrance to the bunker. For clearing more dangerous sectors you’ll receive more valuable loot.
Bunker: new zones are implemented
Max Hunter will become a more frequent guest at your home. He will come twice a month and stay for two weeks. In terms of the Hot Pursuit event, you will complete his plot tasks, daily and weekly quests, and earn reputation points. The reputation scales are split into two types: a reputation for killing monsters and crafting resources.
Hot pursuit event: is held regularly now
These zombies explode after their death or if they see you. Evade their effect in time not to receive damage.
A new type of zombie settled in the bunker
An engineering table is the latest technology that allows you to produce details for new melee weapons. This development is a great step forward in comparison to raiders, zombies, and wild animals.

Among new craftable weapons, you’ll find a homemade bow, warpick, gear hammer, compound bow, scythe, war maul. A katana is added to crafts too.
New weapons and a machine are introduced in the crafting menu
  • Storage system enhancement: upgrade your boxes at home to keep more loot.
  • Character stats enhancement: your HP depends on your progress and increases with your level.
  • Effects on the global map are realized.
  • Optimization and fixing bugs.
other improvements: